I have enjoyed a passion for photography for over forty years. A fifth generation native of Colorado, I began exploring the art of photography during my high school years. From that first image captured using a Quaker Oats oatmeal box pinhole camera, I was intrigued, and addicted. Under the direction of my dedicated mentor, Fred Mirbach, for three years I was provided ample opportunity, and encouraged to explore the boundaries of photographic imagination. Upon graduation I continued to explore the magic of capturing light on film.

Over the past thirty years, I focused on capturing sports action photographs, portraits, stock images and fine art photography. My clients have included; Pro Rodeo Sports News, Rodeo News, National High School Times, The Fence Post, The Wrangler, and Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation. My images are invited to many local and national photography shows, including the Center for Fine Art Photography, Denver International Airport Photographic Show, and Lone Tree Photographic Show.

I believe I am best known for the dedication I show to my clients. My warm and humorous personality enable me to develop a perceptive relationship with clients which imparts a relaxing and memorable session. The art of creating a remarkable image lies in understanding how to liberate your subjects essence. I invite my clients to take an active role in the creation of their image, wherein they experience ownership in the creative process. I find this to be perhaps the most important aspect of my portrait work.

Much like the beginnings of my career, I continue to explore all aspects of photography from our small farm home in Brighton, along with my wife Kim, and daughter Laramie. Though I specialize in areas of portraiture, commercial, photojournalism, stock and fine arts photography, I am always open to the multitude of creative opportunities that exist in this ever changing world we live.

I am available for private consultations to discuss your photographic assignment, and can be reached at 303.910.9353 or by email at [email protected]